HUMAN TRAFFICKING | China (teaser)

Human trafficking, a form of modern-day slavery, is a grim reality of the 21st century global landscape in both developed as well as developing countries. The human trafficking industry represents a $32 billion industry in today’s market. Plaguing 161 countries, millions of women, men and children are smuggled across international borders where they are exploited by their traffickers to turn a profit. More specifically, sex trafficking occurs throughout the world, and holds to be a growing issue in China. Women and children are the key targets for sex trafficking, and are exploited when they are in susceptible states.

Remember, we are not simply talking about the price of buying and selling milk. These victims will bear the scars of their past for as long as they live. This White Paper offers enlightening information and insightful recommendations to help put an end to this horrible industry, and save countless lives.

Sina’s Story

“Kidnapped at 13 from her home country of Vietnam, Sina was drugged, taken to Cambodia, and raped by a white customer who had purchased her virginity. After that, she was held captive and her sexual services sold to wealthy clients. When Sina was too ill and demoralized to pretend to be enjoying the daily forced sexual encounters, she was beaten and brutally tortured. Sina was doused with water and prodded with electric shocks. She was confined in a coffin with biting ants for days at a time. After years of such abuse, she was rescued in a police raid and has gone on to be an anti-trafficking activist”


Wang Bangyin breaks down as he hugs his rescued son in Guiyang, southwest China on October 29, 2009. His son was among 60 children rescued from human traffickers. The Epoch Times


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    • Living united means being a part of the change. We are rallying everyone from across the globe, our communities–government, law enforcement, labor forces, businesses, faith groups, non-profits, and just ordinary citizens. We must all do our part working together, ultimately, saving lives..they need our help. Please become part of the solution. Working together to create a future for those who are unable.


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