Childhood Obesity in America


In today’s American society, we have accepted a lifestyle of laziness and poor nutrition, and now this way of life is starting to have a serious effect on our children and their future. Over the past thirty years, the childhood obesity rate in America has nearly tripled and is still continuing to rise each and every year. Serious consequences have evolved from our way of life in the form of, chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and many types of stomach, lung, esophageal, colorectal, and prostate cancers.

In today’s America, about 95% of children attend school between the ages of 5-17, meaning no other institution has more connection with a child in the first two decades of their lives. This means the education system has the opportunity to play a large role in the proper diet and exercise education in a young child’s life. Government programs like the National School Lunch Program were initially designed to make food available to all children who were trying to gain an education. Flash forward to present day, where the nutrition quality of this program has been severely lacking and properly enforced. Cut backs in physical education have cost children hours of physical activity a week, which is just as harmful as having an improper diet.

I believe more incentive programs can be a starting point for the government to take more action in our education systems’ nutrition and physical activities. Programs that allow for healthier alternatives than the highly saturated fatty options that schools offers. Incentive programs which allow for more physical activity during school hours to help kids stay more active during the week. With my research and my recommendations, it’s on the government to take action before our country and its children suffer anymore.


One thought on “Childhood Obesity in America

  1. Great post! I recently did a post on the childhood obesity epidemic as well! It is disturbing that 1 in 3 children are overweight/obese. There def. needs to be more changes going on at a government level and in the school lunch program!


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