Don’t get left behind in the renewable energy race!


It probably wasn’t hard to guess that my White Paper would be about something related to the environment or sustainability. This time, I am writing about renewable forms of energy with a specific emphasis on solar power. I am projecting big changes in the following years to a nationwide switch to renewable energy. Probably by the time we are all settling down and deciding on our first house to purchase, we will be considering more than just location and square footage. Hopefully by then, it will be the norm to purchase a house that runs on solar energy or perhaps geothermal or something else of a similar sort.

My paper touches upon the problems associated with global climate change and why the switch to renewable energy is so important for the future of not only our country, but also our planet. The age of fossil fuels is coming to an end, while the era of renewable energy is starting to gain a foothold in the energy sector. If you wish to learn more about all the benefits that solar power offers, then I suggest you read my paper. It’s never a bad thing to stay in the loop about all the current advances in the technology that will inevitably become the backbone of our future.

I recommend that solar energy should be incentivized in order for the technology to compete directly with fossil fuel energy. Both state and local governments have the power to implement this technology in their regions and should act upon this opportunity early on in the race to get to the top of the rapidly growing renewable energy industry. In conclusion, a transition to solar power is good business for companies, allows for long-term savings for residents, strengthens the economy, and helps decrease the effects of global climate change.


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