Food Safety and Traceability

Food safety is an important issues in today’s overpopulated global market. Key global food safety concerns include: the spread of hazardous bacteria, chemical food contaminants, new food technologies assessments, and building strong food safety systems to ensure a safe global food chain. Though regulatory demands are key to food safety, there are also strong business reasons for adopting ever more stringent food safety procedures. Corporate responsibility is a key issue for businesses, as is the protection of shareholder value. A solid food safety record will become a valuable asset in the future and has potential to reverse consumers’ faltering trust in business and government. An international traceability system can be the solution to differing national standards of food regulation.

The most important factor driving the implementation of food safety and traceability for food manufacturers is international legislation. Any food business must first and foremost comply with its national requirements of food safety and hygiene law. However there are also strong external pressures to exceed the standards set out in legislation. Chief among these are the demands of customers, especially the large retail chains, which are pressing for coordination among third party certification schemes.[i] We need to take the impetus off consumers’ responsibility for monitoring food safety and put it on international regulatory commisions like the World Health Organization.

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[i] Lawley, Richard. Food Safety and Traceability Strategies Key Hazards, Risks and Technological Developments. Rep. Business Insights, 2010. Web. 11 Apr. 2013. p 66. <;.



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