The (Low)lights of Los Angeles


Have you ever been to Los Angeles? No, I’m not talking about Hollywood, the Staples Center, or Universal Studios. I’m talking about Downtown LA. As someone who grew up in New York City and still frequents there often, I was astounded by the stark differences between the two cities when I took a family trip to LA last summer. Continue reading

The Best of What’s Around


It’s March 23, 2023. I wake up at 6am on the dot and am immediately overcome with fear and shock. What the heck!! I’m 31 years old! The feeling is an unsettling one. What have I done with my life so far? Well, here’s the list of highlights: Continue reading

Sustainability: Not JUST Living Well Within Means

Alf Siewers (gotta love the beard)

Alf Siewers and his dog (gotta love the beard)

I attended the 10am symposium in which the topic was: What is sustainability and how does this concept apply to Bucknell? The discussions were moderated by Peter Wilshusen and featured talks by Alf Siewers (English), David Kristjanson-Gural (Economics), and Jamie Hendry (Management). The talks were very interesting as each of the professors had a different take on what sustainability meant to them and the different issues surrounding sustainability based on their own definitions.

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Freshman Year 101



Wow, great blog prompt. Big ups to the previous blog council for coming up with this! On a serious note, this is quite an important topic and the decisions made now will affect the direction this school goes in the future. When the Campus Climate report first came out in 2011, there were fierce reactions from students, faculty, and alumni. Let’s start with the alumni reaction as their opinions arguably matter the most due to their potential to give back to the school. Continue reading