Final BC Report- Magazine Covers

Here is our last council report.

Blog 1: Sociological Imagination

Blog 2: Apple

Blog 3: Mike Daisey

Blog 4: Who would you bring to speak at Bucknell?

Blog 5: Sports

Blog 6: Where are they now?

Blog 7: Conspiracy Theory

Blog 8: Paper 2 Ideas

Blog 9: House Party Hangover

Blog 10: Tech-pocalypse

Blog 11: 60 Second Ideas

Blog 12: Creative Write Yourself

Extra: Sustainability Seminar

Dilemmas of a Professor, 2023

As I wave my ID at the door to the Dondero building, a curiously eclectic structure of super-cool swooshing doors embedded in the hegemonic red brick of the campus, my handheld bings in its Obi-Wan Kenobi voice, a little hack my ex-student Alex gave me.  The university requires us to have on our handhelds the mess-comm systems so that whenever we enter any building, priority level 4 mess-comms are pushed through whatever filters or such we have.  When the master summons…  Sir Alec Guinesses’ voice intones: “You have an urgent mess-comm.  Please report to the Provost’s suite ASAP.”

Shit.  Like I need to cross paths again with Calindra Soares again.  She is still fuming at me for sharing the memos on health care costs with the student bloggers.  Continue reading

Extra Tidbits for session 11 (Snaps and Fracking…)

Fracking is also a made up substitute for “fuck” in the world of the great sci fi show Battlestar Galactica.   When you know this, it is hard to listen to Shale debate the same.  Fracking right!

“What Has Capitlaism Done for Us Latley?”


Minute 11- Sheila Blair on Jamie Dimon and willingness to see examiners.

Minute 18 “Cost of doing business.”

Dimon changed internal risk management model.

But Mr. Dimon’s critics point to the Senate report, which revealed that he was informed for months about potential problems with the trading position at the bank’s chief investment office. Rather than rein in the risk, the subcommittee found that Mr. Dimon had allowed the bank to alter its internal alarm system in January 2012, enabling the traders to continue building the big bets. While Mr. Dimon has said he did not recall authorizing the shift, the subcommittee cited an e-mail in which he said: “I approve.”

GOv Source: Full Hearing Transcript from the Senate committee.

Mintue 19 $16 billion in defense fees, $8 billion in fines.

Sources for above.

1) Campaign for AMerica’s Future.

2) Graham Fisher, investment analysis. 

1) Was Dimon being ethical to alter risk models?

2) Is JP MOrgan chase economically rational to spend 12% of its profit margin settling regulatory problems?

Snap word: magnaminous

More fun words: Groak and 18 others.

Snap Style: Semi-colons are easy to use.  Trust THe Oatmeal.

For the record

I take many different perspectives and opinions for many different reasons in class and on the blog.  Unless I specify something is my most deeply held opinion, don’t read too much into anything.  I do this to 1) spark discussion;2) Push a range of opinions; 3) Obscure my own views so you don’t think you have me “figured out;”4) I am figuring out my own thoughts.

Since I am watching my course evaluations, employment security, and reputation evaporate in front of my eyes (maybe), let me state for the record.

1) I think the CC report was framed in response to a crisis.  So, to fault it for not emphasizing the positive is like complaining that the Gulf Oil SPill commission didn’t talk about how beautiful the beaches of FL are.

2) The data in the CC report is mostly sound.  There may be problems of representation in the qualitative data.  More data is useful.  An appendix or second report with more student input and also updates would be useful.  But to reject the issues it raises due to some flaws in data is misguided.

3) I do not see the Greek organizations as “evil” or “the devil.”  There are important differences in sororities and fraternities.  Those must be considered.  However, a social system that is by design about creating scarcity and inclusion-exclusion dynamics will affect individuals and the context that shapes behavior.  It is a profound socializing experience.  Also, the Greek system as is seems most central in shaping access to alcohol and relationships/sexual encounters. To tell me it is most centrally about GPAs or philanthropy or making friends, especially for the fraternities (because of their access to space more than gender, I think) just does not seem honest.  It seems like a rationalization.

3.5) To whit, as good management students who I expect to have good social scientist skills, you must be able to step outside of this system and see how it affects individuals and the context of behavior.

4) The argument that Bucknell “must” have the Greek system as is for anyone to have “fun” seems laughably flawed to me.

4) Being a non-athlete, independent seems like a pretty grim social experience here.

5) I know of no conspiracy among faculty to ban the Greek system.  Although, I did forget that the “possibility” of banning it was in the report.

6) The ways that Bucknell dances around the legal drinking age, being a residential college, trying to be responsive to students, and trying not to piss off alumni makes for some odd organizational policies and routine behaviors.  The whole system seems to either be a cause or an accelerating factor in the extension of adolesence.  We are becoming the helicopter university as an extension of helicopter parents.  I, personally, do not like it.  I want to be able to treat you always as adults and if not equals, at least peers in the class and community who have many common causes.

7) Binge drinking is a problem.  I wonder about alcoholism.

8) Sexual behaviors are a problem.

9) There are seven bars in Lewisburg, not three.

10) As a junior faculty member, I already feel too pulled into all of this discussion.  Between my own family and doing research, what happens with the Greek system, with engagement, with campus climate, with gender dynamics, and all of that is jsut not somethign I have much control over or can invest much in.

11) I think too much is asked of student athletes.

12) I find it tragic that I have advised at least five or six students in the last three years who were great individuals who left because they did not see a life for themselves here that would be good if they chose not to go Greek.

13) There should be more hand-holding.

14) There should be more weird haircuts, body piercings, tatoos, and peculiar fashion choices.

15) You all are too risk averse about life and too risk tolerant about what you put in your bodies.

16) I enjoy all of you as people; however, some of the behaviors I see or read about are appalling or horrifying.

17) I went to a small(er) more in the middle of nowhere that was ALWAYS non-Greek and we had lots of fun.  I am not saying that Bucknell will or should become more like that place (Carelton if you care).

18) I think it is weird you talk about grades so much.  I almost never talked about grades in college.

19) All students should go abroad.

20) THreats to withhold donations as alumni to help other students get an education here are like drinking-extortion.  Your total education, for EVERYONE is higher than the sticker price.  You stand on the shoulders of those who came before and this place is about education.  Whether or not you get a damn mug or whether or not some administrator strikes you as an ass is like 1% of what this place is about and the 99% is about what you are learning.  TO deny what has been given to you over this crap is petty.  To threaten to is petty.

21) At the end of the day, i wish I could get the Bobby McFerrin song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” playing in your heads all the time.  Life is good, short, and sweet.  You are blessed to be in a place where learning, knowledge, community, and exploration are at your fingertips.  That is what matters.  There is always beer.