Final BC Report- Magazine Covers

Here is our last council report.

Blog 1: Sociological Imagination

Blog 2: Apple

Blog 3: Mike Daisey

Blog 4: Who would you bring to speak at Bucknell?

Blog 5: Sports

Blog 6: Where are they now?

Blog 7: Conspiracy Theory

Blog 8: Paper 2 Ideas

Blog 9: House Party Hangover

Blog 10: Tech-pocalypse

Blog 11: 60 Second Ideas

Blog 12: Creative Write Yourself

Extra: Sustainability Seminar

Blog Council 11 – The Yearbook

Yearbooks were probably a bigger deal in high school than they are for us now as college students.  Nevertheless, we’re all (hopefully) graduating in about a month, so we chose the ‘Most Likely to…’ theme for this week’s Blog Council report!


All of your blog posts included specifics on how your idea would work.  You’re realistic and detail-oriented in terms of how you’re going to help the world.  Your ideas may have been related to a BIG, worldwide issue, or a smaller, less-important one.  Either way, you know what you want to accomplish.  You’re most likely to have a job after graduating college.

Ava Giuliano – A Small Way to Help

Caroline Gilbert – More is Not Always Better

Frank Berman – Would you like to Supertax that?

Gil Erlich – Embrace Bucknell’s Campus – WALK MORE

Jackson Hollowell – Cars to the left, trucks to the right

Lauren Bernard – Kill People with Kindness

Megan Maschal – How a Reduction in Food Waste Can Save the Planet

Michael Layman – The Solution

Vincent Cinotti – Recycle Batteries, Get “Charged” Less


Stephanie and Stephen…respect.  You two made your beliefs known and weren’t afraid of how awful your star rating may be on the blog.  You know the change you want to make in the world and aren’t afraid of how society might react.  You may cause a lot of controversy, but that isn’t a bad thing.  You’re causing people to think outside of their comfort zone and raising important points.

Stephanie Wyld – A Queer Query

Stephen Koullias – Building Character…With the Help of the Red, White, and Blue


You two had great ideas AND great plans on how to make them happen.  You’re not only going to have a job, but you may even start your own nonprofit/company.  You’ll be known for all your great work that helps both people and the world they live in.

Megan Maschal  – How a Reduction in Food Waste Can Save the Planet

Vincent Cinotti – Recycle Batteries, Get “Charged” Less


You all have great ideas/intentions, but you’re still not quite sure how you want to go about putting them into action.  You may not have a job right after college, but you’re OK with that, because you’re on the right track towards making a difference.  Going to grad school will help you sort out these ideas and better formulate your plan of action.

Alexander Alam – Let’s all just agree to get over ourselves, or “The World Doesn’t Care About You, and That’s a Good Thing”

DJ Rowe- Save Tomorrow’s Leaders

Jennifer Ciotti – It All Starts With You

Jesse Dondero – Bridge the Gap

Kaitlyn Alvino – Confined By Screens No Longer

Kelly Morque – Stop War, Play Sports

Megan Cautilli – Together Everyone Achieves More

Salvatore Vallala – Everyone in America Needs to Watch this Video



The star-count/ratings were inconclusive, so now it’s up to you…

Caroline, Kyle, or Vinny?

Blog Council 10- We Ripple Outwards

Copyright 2006 Liquid Sculpture -

Best Overall Post

 Vinny – Dear Diary…Today The F*ckin’ Cell Phones Crapped Out

Best Sentence

Ava – A World without Google

“Google is my teacher, my parent, and my peer all in one: it provides 1,000,000 answers to a single question that I might have previously asked someone who may have the answer.”

Honorable mentions:

Meghan C. – You’ve Got Mail… in the mailbox outside

Lauren – Letter Writing: The Stone Age

Frank – On Instagram Straight Flexin

Best Images

Caroline – Have We All Become Virtual Slaves?

Best Conclusion

Kyle – Now who’s going to be POTUS?

Geek Award

DJ – Don’t Blame the Phones, Blame the Users!




Missing Posts: Alex Alam, Devon Mercer, Son Trinh, Stephen Koullias

They tried to make us go to rehab…

Didn’t get a lot in class

But I know it don’t come in a shot glass

-Amy Winehouse

So, this topic opened a hell of a can of worms. We sawa LOT of impassioned, well-written posts covering an incredible range of topics about social life at  Bucknell. We went to pick some of the best, but there were a lot, so shout-out to these people for staying out of WordPress rehab (or maybe they need a trip there…)

  • Frank Berman: Would you send your kids here?
  • Megan Cautilli: Fraternities and Sororities: Heroes NOT Villians
  • Jennifer Ciotti: Be the Change you wish to see in the world.
  • Caroline Gilbert: The Problem with Pre-Games
  • Jackson Howell: Bucknell and Me: A Journey 20 Years in the Making
  • Kyle Mackrides: Campus Climate Report Lacks Significant Student Involvement
  • Kelly Morque: Freshman Year 101
  • Derek Rowe: Saved by “The Devil”
  • Sal Vallala: Climate Change…
  • Steph Wyld: RANT
  • Di You: The Drunk Bison


Most Likely to Write a Kickass Noir Novel: Shon


Reader’s Choice (By FAR!): Mike, “You’re Golfing During House Party?”


One more award!


Best Example of CYA: Jordi


So, instead of the usual, we’re gonna keep the conversation going. Here’s some starting points….

Let’s think:
What was the context of the report? What was it intended to be?

What are some of the benefits of a strong fraternity and sorority presence on campus?

One of the most hotly debated parts of the CCR was the infamous “removal of Greek life” clause. Is that a legitimate cause for concern?

What would it mean to “lessen” the dominance of Greek life on campus? What would the impact be?

Some posts (I am guilty of this!) largely lumped fraternities and sororities together. How are they different? Are they notably different?

Bison Behavior:
Do we think that legality plays any large role in the decisions of students or administration on campus?

Why is it that people join sororities or fraternities here? Why do people choose not to?

What is the role of non-Greek cocurricular activities on-campus? What should it be?

What impact does Greek life have on alcohol consumption habits of students?

How should we define “hooking up?” Is there a dating scene on-campus?

Blog Council Report on Paper 2 Topics

As the Blog Council for the first days of March Madness, we came up with our own bracketology for this week’s posts. Now for our picks for the 2013 NCAA Tournament:


FAN FAVORITE – Jennie Ciotti


This award goes to the person who had the most likes on their post by us, the fans. Congrats Jennie!

CINDERELLA STORY – Caroline Gilbert


The Cinderella Story award goes to the post that we didn’t really know what to expect from the title and subject matter. However, when we read the post, we were impressed with its thoroughness and detail.

BRACKET BUSTER – Megan Cautilli


Megan gets this award for her post on Whole Foods. From its outward appearance, you would not think that Whole Foods misleads consumers or engages in unethical behavior. However, Megan’s post details how Whole Foods may not be everything it is cracked up to be. For her post this week, Megan is the recipient of the Bracket Buster Award.


Mike Muscala

Mike gets this award for being Mike Muscala. Despite this blogger being in Kentucky for the BIG Dance, he still managed to get his blog done on time. He deserves this award for his dedication to BGS and his unwavering fortitude while facing adversity.



For those that don’t know Dick Vitale, he is the voice of March Madness. He commentates the games and is known for catchphrases such as “baby” and “diaper dandy.” There is no NCAA tournament without Dick Vitale…just like there is no Business/Gov’t/Society without Frank Berman. Congrats Frank!

FINAL FOUR – DJ, Mike L, Jessie, Megan C


Congrats guys, you are going to Atlanta for the Final Four. Your posts have endured buzzer beaters, heartbreakers, and upsets. Your posts were superior to all the others and you have each won your region. You all took different paths to get their too. The subjects of your posts were sports, finance, food, and sex. Next up…Tournament Champ.



Congrats Jessie, you get to cut down the nets. As your posts suggests, sex always sells. It sold us too. You had the all-around best post – high quality writing, intriguing subject matter, and engaging style. You took it one game at a time and never took your eyes off the prize. We would love to read your Paper 2 if you pursue this topic…

Blog Council Report on Conspiracy Theories

As the last blog council before Spring Break, we decided to send the best blog authors to special destinations. Enjoy your week off from blogging!

Alex Alam–This is Some Serious Spy Shit, Y’all


LOST Island

This well done post caught our attention with its great research and use of pictures, videos and audios.  This thought-provoking topic captured our interest and encouraged us to explore further. Some might say we got LOST in the post…

Frank Berman— Room 237


The Stanley Hotel, CO

This intriguing post went deep into the details about the broader issue of conspiracies and why we should care about them. His overall theory about conspiracies was thought-provoking in multiple different ways. Not only covering the basis, Frank went above and beyond by combining his favorite film with a conspiracy theory. Well done Frank, well done.

Quote of the Week: “Conspiracy theories are attractive, but like most things that are attractive, they are often dangerous.”

Megan Cautilli–The Phantom BUZZ Conspiracy


Silicon Valley, CA

This post interested us because it dealt with an issue that we can all relate to and offered several conspiracy theory explanations. Kudos to your deep thinking, creativity, and research–seems like you may be developing a sociological imagination. 😉

Vinny Cinotti–Peyton Manning Had a Higher Calling



Although it wasn’t the longest, kudos to your creativity Vinny. You chose the difficult route by finding your own correlation and creating your own theory. This creativity is not easy to come by, but you overcame the challenge and created an interesting theory about weed and the honorable Peyton Manning. You’re onto something…

Mike Layman–Read This and You’re Guaranteed to Win the Lottery


Las Vegas, NV

Great title pulled us right in and took an interesting perspective on a common conspiracy that is visible in our society. Really got some comments going as an issue that a lot of us feel is unfair and people to vote on your poll, even though most people do not think the lottery is a conspiracy theory.

Megan Maschal–Common Astronomical Event or Alien Invasion

Welcome to area 51

Area 51, NV

Great job putting a lot of research into this post and good use of the poll and putting your opinion out there without overdoing it. The links were very helpful and these different theories kept us entertained and you thoroughly explained them to give us a good understanding of the material

Kelly Morque–Tupac Announces 2013 Tour


Gangsta’s Paradise

This post was truly great. It really made us wonder–could Tupac really still be alive? Also prompted a long conversation on imbedded messages within music, specifically in regards to Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” played backwards.  Congratulations, you are on your way to Gangsta’s Paradise!!

Mike Muscala–Zero Dark Dirty 😉


Abottabod, Pakistan

Even though you submitted your post late…not only did we love your title, but we LOVED the content. Very well written and we really enjoyed your use of pictures. They added a great sense of humor to the post. We are sending you to the scene of the crime. You have won yourself a stay at Osama’s compound! Congratulations and keep up the great work.

DJ Rowe–Conspiracies in the Courtroom


Guantanamo Bay Prison (A Few Good Men …. Tom Cruise)

Connecting conspiracy and the courtroom was a creative correlation that no one saw coming. With detailed explanations and examples, you clearly explained your opinion on what a “good” conspiracy theory is. Overall, your easy to understand and in-depth explanation earned you a trip to one of the most famous places in the world where you can start you career with Tom Cruise.

Gil Erlich–Is all that SHIT in the Media Really True?


Overall Best Post This Week…ALSO MOST VIEWS! 160 and counting…

Congratulations Gill!  Not only winning first place with the most views, you also won the best post of the week. Your post about the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting conspiracy provided impressive detail on every aspect of the shooting. With a video documentary and your explanation, we felt as if your research provided interesting facts that kept the reader engaged. Then, to top it off, you connected it to a wider theme and left the reader thinking about if the conspiracy was true. You are the SHIT.


Devon, Shon & Stephen


Lost in the Bermuda Triangle–

Thoughts from your Blog Council:

Really try to work on the quality of your comments. You should aspire to prompt interactive and thought provoking discussions. For great examples, refer to these four high quality bloggers: Megan Cautilli, Alex Alam, Vinny Cinotti & last but not least, Jordi Comas.