Learning deeply at school but broadly with social medias



This picture is funny joke but it reveals the realities in college somehow.

Before attending college, I had never doubted Wikipedia. However, I noticed that professors try to prohibit students using Wikipedia for homework, paper and research. I cannot forget the despised facial expression when my history professor mentioned Wikipedia.

To get information from websites, like Google, Sparknotes and Wikipedia, has both advantages and disadvantages. The most obvious disadvantage is that information from those websites is not reliable because everyone can go to websites and edit information. It means people with no qualifications in a certain subject area can still post information about it. Most of education institution like Bucknell University do not accept any information from website like Wikipedia.  College students are expected to learn academic knowledge through books, lectures, discussion or individual thinking.

However, the requirements for students in 21th century are not limited within major area any more. Students have to learn knowledge not only deeply but also broadly. However, one’s time and energy are limited. For example, students in Bucknell have to take at least four classes a semester. They have to fulfill not only major requirements but also non-major requirements like environmental studies, natural sciences, humanity or diversity in the U.S. They have to learn broad information within four years. Students may learn deeply in some courses but broadly in others. It is not superficial but an efficient way to open one’s eyes. It is important for students have enough knowledge about almost everything as preparation for the future. Websites like Google, Wikipedia and Sparknotes are useful tools for this efficient way of learning.

Say Goodbye to Our On-The-Go Lifestyles

I still remember the days when I had no cell phone.  The days when I would have to flip through my elementary and middle school address books to find my friends’ phone numbers.  The days when home phone was the primary way of reaching someone.  My how things have changed.  Continue reading

Carry on after Carrion?

The very first thing that popped into my head after reading this prompt is the computer software Carrion from ABC’s show Revenge. One of the main characters, Nolan Ross, is a computer programmer and hacker extraordinaire. He created this Carrion software years before the show takes place, but left the coding of the sole copy of the program that exists incomplete in case it fell into the wrong hands. The show doesn’t explicitly say what the software does, but Nolan mentioned it is capable of turning off the entire Manhattan power grid in a micro-second and used it to partially hack the Grayson’s bank account. So basically, my “internet apocalypse” is imagining what will happen in the show if and when the Carrion program is deployed for evil, which will probably happen in the season finale.

Let’s think about what would happen if the entire Manhattan power grid was intentionally shut down suddenly with no ability to recover it for a long period of time?

1. The Earth’s energy consumption would plummet.

2. Manhattan would be dark. Chaos would ensue without traffic lights or lighted tunnels.

3. Millions, if not billions, of dollars in retail business would be lost.

4. Wall Street would cease trading, and banks all over the world would probably lose a lot of money as well.

5. National television networks would probably be down.

6. Security and safety of people and their accounts would be at high risk and vulnerable to attack. Theft and crime would be rampant.

7. People would have to walk hundreds of flights of stairs to reach the top floors of buildings and probably die.

Any other ideas of what would happen or what the Initiative might be planning to do with Carrion?

Follow Me Follow Me TWEET TWEET


I don’t have a Facebook.  I used to, but deleted it with my Twitter over a year ago.  This past summer I started a new Twitter because I kept hearing, “it’s kind of weird that you don’t have one.”  I hated when people said this.  My response was, “do we really live in a world where NOT having a TWITTER makes you a weirdo?”  I guess I was kind of in protest.  But now I’m back.  And it’s addicting.

I made about a week ago that I could only check Twitter once per day.  That’s it.  My plan was to check it every morning when I wake up and wait 24 hours until I did the same thing the next morning.  Well…safe to say it’s hard to follow that plan.  I do check it every morning.  Like Frank mentioned in his post, it’s the first thing I do when I wake up!  The habit isn’t healthy.  So, I’m going to imagine a world without Twitter.

First, a lot of people will have nothing to do.  Literally.  The users with 100k + tweets, full of motivational quotes, selfies, and retweets will be left with a lot of time on their hands.  Second, people will have to find other things to do to kill time when they’re going #2, walking to class, or both of the above (what? just checking if you’re paying attention).  Third, a lot of celebrities/important people will lose perhaps the biggest form of communication with them.  No longer will I be able to see what Kobe has to say after games 😦 .

If Twitter was obliterated, the world wouldn’t come to an end.  Something very similar would obviously take its place.  I think it’s a very useful tool that I’ve learned to accept for just that: useful.  However, I’m trying to stop using it as a ‘habit’ like some people can relate to how they use Facebook.  There are other things I should be doing with my time.  I get too many endorphins from checking to see if my @ sign on my Twitter iPhone app has a blue circle next to it (Twitter users can relate to this).   Finally, like I mentioned earlier, the notion that everyone “should” have a Twitter is what really needs to be obliterated.  Das not koo.

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And then there were no communications…

I won’t go as far as blacking out the entire world and seeing what type of person rises up to take control. I will however, using the powers given to me by this Business, Government, & Society class, turn off all phone and internet communications, forever. Imagine. Continue reading