Notes from class: February 21, 2013

Paper 2

Ethical Analysis + 1 Case

  • Nike – post 1998
  • Bear Stearns
  • Case study of country X
  • A. Anderson
  • Case of implementing “C Termism”
  • Apple
  • Foxconn
  • Windmill manufactures
  • Tesla
  • Interface


White Paper


  • Should there be derivative policy
  • Alternatives to social security
  • Does Sox work
  • International IP
  • Subsidies direct and indirect for energy sources which undermine any claims to an absolute “free market” price

Interesting Questions Paper 1 from Session 2 (Apple, Nike, Share/Stake, Globalization)

Interesting Questions

These are the questions Katilyn (THANK YOU!)  transcribed plus the ones we generated from Apple, plus a few in my head.  Feel free to use them as you like for paper 1 development.  These are on moodle too.

Is it stakeholder management to wait for problems? Continue reading