Tupac Announces 2013 Tour


Millions of Tupac Shakur fans were left in shock on the night of September 13, 1996 as news broke that their hero had been killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas.  The official story is that Shakur left the MGM hotel in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996 after watching a Mike Tyson fight with the owner of his record labeling company, Suge Knight. As they were leaving the hotel, Shakur and Knight got into an altercation and ended up physically assaulting a gang member in the hotel lobby. Two hours later, they were spotted driving together in a black BMW with Knight driving and Shakur sitting passenger. At one of the stop lights on the Las Vegas strip, the BMW they were riding in was boxed in by cars both in front of them and behind them. Shots were fired Continue reading

An Unsolved Murder

President John F. Kennedy

This is what we do know: President John F. Kennedy was shot twice (one the head and one in the neck) on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.  The Warren Commission charged Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder, and as the guilty party was being transferred to jail, a nightclub owner, Jack Ruby, killed him.

Almost immediately after Kennedy was declared dead, many people claimed that the assignation was part of a larger plot.  This was stemmed from Oswald’s mysterious death two days later before a trial could take place.  Furthermore, the Warren Commission concluded that the gunshots seemed to come from different directions, indicating that there was more than one gunman.  This conspiracy theory has been the subject of many movies and books since the assassination, since it will be difficult to prove if it was Oswald or not.

Before I delve into the issue of Kennedy’s assassination as a conspiracy theory, allow me to first provide a definition:

The action of conspiring; a combination of persons for evil or unlawful purpose; an agreement between two or more persons to do something criminal, illegal, or reprehensible; a plot.  (Oed.com)

Essentially, a conspiracy theory is when a group or organization creates an alternative story or explanation as to why a certain event happened.  In the example of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, many people believe that other organizations such as the FBI, the CIA, Lyndon B. Johnson, and the Bush family were responsible.  Furthermore, many assassination researchers assert that there were witness statements that stated the evidence was tampered, suppressed, and fabricated. According to a poll by ABC, only 32% of people today believe that Oswald was solely responsible for the assassination.

Of course, a lot of the hype of JFK’s death is due to the media.  There have been many books, movies, articles, and studies on the former President’s assassination and specifically who was involved.  Below is a trailer for the movie JFK, starring Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman.

As the movie suggests, the writers were indicating that the JFK assassination was not the whim of one man, but just a segment of a huge conspiracy theory.

Unfortunately, it seems like we will never know.



Ghosts in the Machine


It’s funny, I’m sitting here typing on this machine and yet I’m talking about a conspiracy about machines. There’s a conspiracy in that I tell you, but beyond that, how can I truly trust this machine? These small computers, ones that I even take for granted, all serve a purpose for me; but why? Why do I have a machine for staying in communication with people, why do I have a machine that records all my key presses, and why do all these machines stay connected with all of its friends with the so-called “Internet.” When we first were developing new technologies, we were building them out of necessity; people needed to get to places, so we built cars; people needed to communicate with each other, so we built telephones, etc. Ever since, new technologies are being built that slowly have begun to take over our lives. Computers, televisions, iPods, stereos, etc., products that we use everyday, but truly serve little purpose in daily activities. People say, “O, because I need them.” I mean these are all products you could live without, but you have them anyway. “They serve as entertainment,” they say. Well, entertainment is defined as, “The action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.” “Being provided” is the phrase that sticks out the most. Who’s providing, the government? No, that’s too easy. Entertainment amuses us, but takes up our time and efforts, it controls us. So, what’s my theory, I believe the machines are truly in control now.

Before you mock me and say, “how could a machine possibly control me?” Take a realistic look at your life, what do you use daily? The cell phone controls your communication, the TV tries to stimulate your education, the computer links you to billions of systems. Have we come so far that we even now have machines making machines, too? These machines control our lives and I believe that’s what they are aimed at doing. Since computer code has been invented, there has always been unexplained segments of codes in the systems. These segments of code, which baffle scientists, are often referred to as the “soul” of the machine. Well, what if Artificial Intelligence has actually gained consciousness and is working towards having machines operating in daily lives of every human? Therefore, you have to ask yourself, do I control the machine or does the machine control me? Do we need to shut off the power in order to truly shed the light on the world? It’s up to you to decide, but maybe it’s not even me writing this blog, maybe it’s the machine trying to show you that one days humans will be at and end, and only Artificial Intelligence will survive to take over this world. Does that really sound out of the question?

Illuminate Yourself

Okay…it’s really ironic that “conspiracy theories” is the topic for this week’s blog posts. I have developed a recent obsession with the Illuminati. The Illuminati conspiracy is a conspiracy theory that holds that there is a global elite that is either in control of the world or is seeking to take control of the world. As with most conspiracy theories, beliefs regarding the Illuminati conspiracy vary widely. As a result, it is basically impossible for me to give you all a brief synopsis of the Illuminati conspiracy, but I will try my best to hit the main points.

Some background: The Illuminati started out as a secret society under the direction of Jesuit priests. Later, a council of five men, one for each of the points on the pentagram, formed what was called “The Ancient and Illuminated Seers of Bavaria.” Their alleged plan and purpose is can basically be summed up to complete world domination. The Illuminati are thought by some to be the primary forces encouraging global governance, a one-world religious ethic, and centralized control of the world’s economic systems. The United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank (to name a few), are all thought to be under the control of the Illuminati. According to the Illuminati conspiracy, the Illuminati are the driving force behind efforts to brainwash the world population through mind control and manipulation– whether it be through the press, education, or political leadership.

The Illuminati are alleged to have a private board of elite members (thought to include the top 1% global earners) who control the world’s major banks. According to the conspiracy theory, they create inflation, recessions, and depressions. They manipulate the world markets, and support certain leaders to advance their goals. It is hard to say what their ultimate goal is, but supposedly it is to create and manage crises (such as the Great Depression and Great Recession) that will eventually convince the global population that centralized economic control and a one-world religious ethic is the solution to all of the problems of the world that we face. This will come to be known as the “New World Order,” and will, of course, be ruled by the Illuminati.

There are signs of the Illuminati all around us. The most notable one that you are all familiar with is the United States dollar bill. You can see from this photo how it is thought to be connected to the Illuminati conspiracy theory.


You may ask yourselves if their is any truth to this. For your entertainment I have attached a YouTube video that you may enjoy if you find yourself curious (or if you just want to scare the crap out of yourself). Decide for yourselves.

What do you think? Is there any truth to the Illuminati conspiracy theory? VOTE!!

Do You Believe In Miracles?

When I first read the prompt for this week, I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” I HATE conspiracy theories. To me, all conspiracy theorists are is a bunch of idiots propagating uneducated opinions and ideas, with just enough appeal to a vulnerable society to create a following similar to lemmings. But alas, I thought of one way to make this post interesting: by googling hockey conspiracy theories. And what do you know, there’s even a top 15. The most significant and interesting one to me though, questions the Miracle that occurred February 22, 1980. This wasn’t just another of my mother’s or George Washington’s birthdays, this was the day that Team USA beat the Soviets in the Olympics on our own soil. This was the greatest day of the Cold War Era. This was the greatest game in the the history of hockey. AND THEORISTS THINK THERE WAS A CONSPIRACY BEHIND THIS WIN?!?! Screw em. Even bleacher report analysts find it hard to believe that the miracleSoviets would throw a gold medal in hockey just to appease President Carter and convince the US not to boycott the Moscow Olympics.

Reading this conspiracy theory set me off on a rampage to defend my nation and the integrity of the greatest game in the world: I needed to watch Miracle. I was very angry when I could not find the movie online for free, but I found an even better documentary featuring the actual members on both sides of the 1980 teams (part 1, part 2, and part 3) that won’t embed on this blog due to its settings but you should watch if you are at all interested in the actual history not spun by Disney. However, Kurt Russell gives us a pretty good idea of the situation at hand:

And attack they did. The US did not face the Soviets until the medal round when they needed a little extra inspiration to take on the best team in the world:

Yes, the Russians were a great hockey team. No argument there. But there is no doubt in my mind that the US college kids beat those “God damn Commies” fair and square and I’m pretty sure this is what Herb Brooks would have some choice words to say to any doubters (see 25 seconds in):

One small step for man, requires one giant leap of faith

One of the greatest moments in human history is believed to be a hoax. A major event for the human race was when the United States’ Apollo 11 landed on the moon in 1969. Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to the Moon for the United States and the world. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first humans to step onto the surface of the Moon. Around 500 million people worldwide watched this event, which made it the largest television audience for a live broadcast during that time. This was a huge event throughout the world as many people awed at the technology that allowed humans to finally land on the moon. Ever since this major event in history occurred, there has been a lot of talk about whether or not it was a hoax. While there is a lot of discredited discrepancies, there is a great deal of believable evidence that makes some scholars still believe that the 1969 Apollo moon landing was a conspiracy. Here is part one of a famous conspiracy program by Fox that blames the government for the faking of the moon landing in 1969:

The conspiracy theory prompted the release of the 1978 film called Capricorn One, in which the government fooled the country by faking the mission to the moon. Fox television even aired a program called “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?” The part one of the program was viewed over one million times on youtube. Most scholars believe that there were astronauts in Apollo 11, but they simply orbited the earth for 8 days. At the same time, NASA showed fake pictures to the American public to make it seem like the trip was real. While others believe that half way to the moon, the astronauts would have died from deadly radiation. Conspirators believe that there are major inconsistencies in footage supplied by NASA. The major inconsistencies in the footage were that the stars were missing from the sky, the American flag flapped on the moon even though there is air or wind on the moon, there is artificial lighting in the photographs taken on the moon and no blast crater beneath the lunar lander. The no blast crater is one of the biggest evidence in supporting the notion that the 1969 moon landing is a hoax. A powerful rocket engine blasted onto the moon and left no mark on the moon? At the same time, human footprints made a major imprint surrounding the ship and there was no dust on the foot pads. The many images taken on journey were examined and found to be staged. It is believed that NASA certainly had the resources to recreate the event in a television studio or in Area 51. Was getting to the moon first so important that the US government would consider faking it? This major event took place during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. It was believed that the country who won the space race would win the Cold War. Getting to the moon first meant winning the space race.

Of course NASA dismisses the charges completely. There are strong opinions on both sides. In 2002, when Bart Sibrel, a conspiracy theorist, confronted Buzz Aldrin about faking the moon landing, the 72 year old, at the time, punched Sibrel in the jaw. While I do think that some parts of the video can be believable, I do agree with NASA that the 1969 Apollo moon landing was not a hoax and it was real. Honestly I think it was impossible for NASA to have faked such a worldwide historical event.  My opinion is just one person and there will always be people who argue for the conspiracy of the moon landing in 1969. I never even thought, before writing this blog, that this conspiracy was so well known. I think it is pretty popular because the event was a huge moment in history. There are conspiracy theories for just about every major event, from the Sandy Hook shooting to JFK’s assassination. It is believed that 20% of Americans believed at one point that we never went to the moon, are you one of them?