Confined by screens no longer!

I always found a huge problem with my television, laptop and iPad—a screen confines them. What if we could turn an entire room into a monitor, where you can have the news on your kitchen table while you place a video call on your fridge? And when you’re done, you can swipe everything away, like Tony Stark in “Iron Man” or Tom Cruise in “Minority Report”.



Imagine looking up at your kitchen ceiling for a moment. See those lights? Well, they aren’t light bulbs; they’re projectors that can display your email inbox or a website anywhere in the room. There are also cameras inside them that translate your simple gestures into computer commands, like going back a page in your browser. No need for a television in this household. It’s on your cabinet. Or your counter. Or the back of you hand for that matter. The combination of microphones and cameras built into your outlet allows you to talk to your computer more naturally. Instead of saying, “Computer, turn off the kitchen light,” you can just point and say, “Shut that off, please.” Because your computer screen is no longer a square, if you are making pancakes, the measurements and instructions could appear next to each ingredient instead of being grouped into a list.

Anyone reading this post enjoy video games? I thought so. Well, imagine playing Halo or Call of Duty, and being able to see an enemy approaching from your peripheral vision. How about being able to look over your shoulder to see how close your competitors are racing in a game? Imagine—instead of seeing a chair painted with light, the projected image would just automatically adjust in order to help your furniture blend in. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Kinect is a motion sensing input device by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 that might be able to accomplish just that in the near future.

The possibilities with this are endless. Let’s change the world.