Carry on after Carrion?

The very first thing that popped into my head after reading this prompt is the computer software Carrion from ABC’s show Revenge. One of the main characters, Nolan Ross, is a computer programmer and hacker extraordinaire. He created this Carrion software years before the show takes place, but left the coding of the sole copy of the program that exists incomplete in case it fell into the wrong hands. The show doesn’t explicitly say what the software does, but Nolan mentioned it is capable of turning off the entire Manhattan power grid in a micro-second and used it to partially hack the Grayson’s bank account. So basically, my “internet apocalypse” is imagining what will happen in the show if and when the Carrion program is deployed for evil, which will probably happen in the season finale.

Let’s think about what would happen if the entire Manhattan power grid was intentionally shut down suddenly with no ability to recover it for a long period of time?

1. The Earth’s energy consumption would plummet.

2. Manhattan would be dark. Chaos would ensue without traffic lights or lighted tunnels.

3. Millions, if not billions, of dollars in retail business would be lost.

4. Wall Street would cease trading, and banks all over the world would probably lose a lot of money as well.

5. National television networks would probably be down.

6. Security and safety of people and their accounts would be at high risk and vulnerable to attack. Theft and crime would be rampant.

7. People would have to walk hundreds of flights of stairs to reach the top floors of buildings and probably die.

Any other ideas of what would happen or what the Initiative might be planning to do with Carrion?