Social Ethics vs Business Ethics

So here is a news article about a bartender from Ohio who was fired for calling the police on a customer who was intoxicated and driving home. The owner stated that it was “bad for business” for a bartender to call the cops on its drunk customers. Here’s the link:. I thought this article was very relevant to our class. It clearly demonstrates the boundaries placed between businesses and society when it comes to certain issues. A bar is in the business of serving alcohol. Society has a very rigid opinions on drinking and driving, with good reason. So did the bartender deserve to be fired? Is the reasoning legitimate? Personally, I believe that she was morally obligated to stop the customer from driving away. Perhaps calling a taxi service and taking away the customer’s keys should have been attempted first before allowing the customer to just waltz out and being forced to call the authorities. Firing her may have been a little extreme. Her past actions should have played some role in the decision. I doubt she has a habit of calling the cops on her customers. Please add comments as your thoughts on the whole issue.