Interesting People (Blog Prompt 4)

For this week, I am crowd-sourcing to you all the fun work of finding some possibly interesting people to target to bring to campus.  There is no guarantee that the stars align for any of these, but it should be fun to explore.

To help, for your post, I want you to find ideally video or audio of the person speaking or presenting on their area.  A simple google search may not be enough.  I am going to ask our LIT liaison, the amazing Brody Selleck, to add any ideas for how to search for this kind of resource in the comments.   One possibility is to check with the TED archive.  You may also find podcasts or video podcasts.  I usually search for these on my Droid phone using Beyondpod or Stitcher.

Learn what you can about your chosen speaker.  Who is she or he?  Tell us why she or he is interesting.  Feel free to opine on whether they might be a good person to bring to campus at some point in the future.

Below I am listing categories of topics I am interested in.  If you know of someone to add to a category, you can post on that person.  Be sure to tell us the category.

There are A LOT of names here.   You will not know most if not all.  But a few seconds of internet research will enable you to pick one.

  • Corporate power and technology
    • Mitch Kapor
    • David Farber
  • Science fiction writers
  • Engineering and the future
  • Privatization of space
    • David Harvey
    • Mike Davis (author)
  • Privacy –
    • Evgeny Morozov
    • David Robertson
    • Deb Roy
    • Bruce Schneier
    • Clay Shirky
    • Sherry Turkle
    • Mitch Kapor
    • Cory Doctorow
  • Futurism- what cool technologies will come along?
  • Sustainability
  • Food technology:
    • Joel Salatin
    • Michael Pollan
    • Anthony Bourdain
  • Politics and modern media
  • Big data- the use of massive amounts of data in business, security, or invasion of privacy
    • Nate Silver
    • Lisa Gansky
    • Cory Doctorow
    • Scott Patterson
  • Technology of war, drones, cybersecurity…
    • PW Singer
    • Richard Clarke
    • Shane Harris

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