Someone’s always watching you

Gone are the days when consumers can walk into a grocery store to purchase a pint of Ben and Jerry’s as a guilty pleasure and get away with no one knowing about it.  Now, the grocery store, Ben and Jerry’s, the credit card company, and probably others know all about your purchase and all about you.

In today’s “information age”, companies are able to utilize data mining techniques to extract all sorts of personal information about consumers, their habits, their preferences, their lifestyles, and purchasing behavior.  When used correctly, businesses can use this data to surge ahead of competition by developing better relationships with their consumers and fulfilling wants and needs.  By understanding their customers, businesses are able to target advertisements to select segments that are more likely to respond positively, and they can save time and resources that would have otherwise been spend on mediocre mass marketing efforts.

To learn more about this subject, first check out this video and then  check out my white paper on the power of data mining techniques in the business world.

Session 6 Snaps- Blase, To Affect, Fat Sucking ?

Snap Word: Blasé

Snap Style.  Affect is a verb.  Effect is a noun.  Usually, people mean that X affects Y.  and that E causes effects.  You can recall this with this mnemonic: “TO affect causes effects.”  The verb comes first and the alphabetical order of a to e means you know that affect is always the verb.

There is a rarer use of effect as a verb meaning to bring about a change.  “The laws are designed to effect less insider trading.”

Affect as a noun can mean emotion.  “The sociopath lacked affect regarding his victims.”

9 times out of 10, you mean that something affects another thing leading to effects.

Look, I didn’t invent English.


Snap ethics.

This ad ran in the Bucknellian two weeks ago.

This ad ran in the Bucknellian, paid for by Geisinger doctors' group.
This ad ran in the Bucknellian, paid for by Geisinger doctors’ group.

Should it have run?  Should it be made?  Should Geisinger offer this elective surgery?

The Bucknellian also ran an editorial a week later defending itself for printing the ad.

For the record, I know of no faculty interested in “censoring” the Bucknellian.

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