Cars to the left, trucks to the right

You know what one of my biggest pet peeves is, when semi-trucks block up the left lane and make it impossible to pass. Nothing irritates me more because they are either going under or exactly the speed limit and sometimes I like to drive a little bit faster when I’m on a highway. The worst is when you are on a highway like Rt. 80, where there are only two lanes, and there are two massive trucks going the same speed right next to each other. They make it impossible to pass, causing massive amount of cars to follow closely behind, just waiting for some huge accident to happen.  It once took me 2 hours to complete the final hour of a trip all because I couldn’t get pass these stupid ass trucks. I understand that these people drive all night and cross country, carrying lots of expensive company material that they are responsible for, but hey, that’s the job that you signed up for. But seriously, get the hell out of our way.


What I envision, is a universal law across the entire country, one that forces trucks to stay in the right lanes at all times. Let the cars be free to pass on the left and stick to your side of the road. Now, this may sound like segregation, but it’s what we need. Statistics show that highways that travel at lower speeds and have massive amount of trucking activity have more accidents. Simply put, we don’t want to drive slower, we just want to get away from these damn trucks. We don’t want to be driving behind or next to these long, less controllable, and over 10,000 lbs vehicles, we won’t to get as far away from them as possible. The sight of them usually makes people uncomfortable on the road, at least it does for me, and I’d like to consider myself a better driver than most. And when people are uncomfortable on the road, the more likely an accident will happen. So, unless the government starts building new highways specifically for trucks, I feel this law needs to be universally accepted across all states.


This needs to be on every highway in America


9 thoughts on “Cars to the left, trucks to the right

  1. I have to ask, what state are you from? State driving tendencies are very different in the northeast and coming from someone who has lived in upstate NY, CT and PA, I think trucks are the least of our worries when you boil it down to respect for the road. I also get very frustrated by ANYONE riding in the left lane, which should ONLY be used for passing anyway. It infuriates me when truckers are actually giving themselves an appropriate distance to get back in the right lane after passing without cutting someone off, but are unable to because impatient drivers like yourself will pass them on the the right, further preventing their return to the proper lane. A more appropriate solution is to enforce left lane passing only regulations to keep all slower moving traffic to the right to prevent accidents.

  2. parkways solve this issue somewhat. No trucks are allowed on them. However, I have seen some instances where trucks illegally go on them and get stuck under an overpass, which causes massive delays and traffic

  3. Yes, Yes, Yes. And it is not just trucks either. Instead of speed limits I would love it if people were pulled over for clogging up the left lane. There is nothing more irritating than when someone pulls out in front of me and clogs the left lane until I have the chance to pass them.

  4. I agree with steph and jesse…it’s mostly clueless drivers that slow down the pace of the left lane. Even if you are driving relatively fast, you should still spend most of your time in the right lane.

  5. There are a lot of good ideas here, but even with that sign and law accepted in all of the states, doesn’t it still come down to the ability to enforce it?

    • There could be a technological fix.

      – All cars could zap any truck in violation with an on board camera.
      – Something that woudl literally prevent trucks from moving into that lane. Could be unsafe though.
      – Simple tracking devices in trucks and roads to monitor remotely.

  6. I like the idea of having different rules for different lanes. Maybe on two lane highways, we could have a normal speed limit on the right lanes, and then a 10 MPH faster speed limit on the left lane. This could discourage trucks from being in the left lane because you CAN get pulled over for going to slow. Then, when there are three lanes, trucks aren’t allowed in the far left lane, but can be in the other 2.

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